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Academic Essay

I wrote the following essay as a part of my Photography in Context module. I wanted to share it with you in order for you to see that I not only enjoy the… Continue reading

Presentation and Output Seminar

On Thursday 21st November 2013, due to the fact that our deadline was the following Monday, we spent the majority of the day receiving production support for these projects. However, in the afternoon,… Continue reading

Site-Specific Brief (Personal Practice)

As I have stated in a previous post: (http://hollyconstantinephotography.wordpress. com/2013/09/30/second-year-introduction/), on Monday 30th September 2013, I started my second year of photography at Coventry University. During this day, I was given access to… Continue reading

Creative Writing Showcase and Final Group Work Presentations

On Thursday 14th November 2013, I attended a day of University where we showcased our Creative Writing tasks from last week (please see http://hollyconstantinephotography.wordpress. com/2013/11/01/creative-writing-workshop-appropriation -archives-and-vernacular-lecture-and-the-birmingham- new-library/ ) and where we were shown the last… Continue reading

Jason Scott Tilley Artist Talk – The Beautiful People Project

On 11th November 2013, we had guest photographer Jason Scott Tilley come in to talk to us about his 14 year long project and a project that he wants to start in the near… Continue reading

Carolyn Lefley Talk – Responding to a Live Research Brief on Location

On Thursday 7th November 2013, we had a more relaxed day at university as we started with a short 10 minute lecture about the Global Entrepreneurship Week, followed by an artist talk by Carolyn… Continue reading

Creative Writing Workshop, Appropriation, Archives and Vernacular Lecture and the Birmingham New Library

On Thursday 31st October 2013, I attended a full day of university where, in the morning we had three different lectures, and in the afternoon we went on a course trip to the… Continue reading

The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum – Research Task

On Monday 28th October 2013, our original timetable for the day had to be changed due to “adverse weather conditions”. Instead of a full day of learning, we went in for an hour… Continue reading

Portrait Workshop

As seen in my “Alive: Rankin Faces Death and an Introduction into Referencing” blog post: (http://hollyconstantinephotography.wordpress. com/2013/10/21/alive-rankin-faces-death-and -an-introduction-into-referencing/ ), on Monday 21st October 2013, we were given a small Portrait Workshop task that we… Continue reading

Alive: Rankin Faces Death and an Introduction into Referencing

On Monday 21st October 2013, I attended a day of uni which included the following: the first was a session in which we watched “A Culture Show Special – Alive: Rankin Faces Death”… Continue reading