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Task 5 – Critical Reflections

For task 5, we were given what appears to be a simple brief, which requires us to write two different types of critical reflection. Although this brief was small, I still went through… Continue reading

Task 3 – Representation through Portraiture

We were given Task 3 on our second week back at university, after we had completed our various lighting tutorials, including studio lighting and outside lighting. Once again, I decided to start off… Continue reading

Task 1: Creating an Instruction Manual

When we were given Task 1 on our first day back after our Easter break, the first thing that I did was read through the brief several time before highlighting key aspects that… Continue reading

Task 4 – Severn Trent Water Photographic Competition

On Wednesday 8th May 2013, we were given the brief for our fourth task for our 152MC Working with Light module. As I have done with my previous briefs, I read through them… Continue reading

Light and Time Lecture

On Friday 3rd May 2013, I attended a lecture taken by Jonathan Shaw about Light and Time. After this lecture had finished, a small group of us went to the Library for an… Continue reading

Task 2 – Pinhole Photographs and ‘Non’ Spaces

We were given Task 2 on our second day back at university, after we had completed our Pinhole Printing Darkroom tutorial. As I do with all of my given briefs, I started off… Continue reading

Studio Lighting and Outside Lighting – Second Tutorials

On Tuesday 30th April 2013, we spent the day having a second tutorial on both inside lighting and outside lighting. These tutorials were different from the previous as they were more self-directed, enabling… Continue reading

Inside Studio Lighting Workshop

On Friday 26th April 2013 we were, again, split into groups and spent the morning completing an Inside Studio Lighting Workshop with Caroline Molloy. We were given a list of tasks that enabled… Continue reading

Lighting Diagram Software and Lighting Theory Lecture

On Tuesday 23rd April 2013, I went into uni and was greeted by a busy day with lots of thing to learn. We started off the day with a short tutorial taken by… Continue reading

Pinhole Printing – Negatives to Positives (Darkroom) Tutorial

Over our Easter break, we were instructed to create our own pinhole cameras, which should have been functional. To find out if they were indeed working, I decided to experiment with them by… Continue reading